Is He Thinking About Me?

Have you ever asked yourself why it is so difficult to stop thinking about someone?Are they thinking about you?Are you dreaming of them, too?What’s going on?You’re tapping into each other energetically. Yes, there is emotion involved, but spiritually you’re pure energy, as a radiant being of light. Everyone is. Thoughts are energy and move at lightning-like speed. When you connect to another person, you are connecting to their energy, soul and spirit. You connect with their thoughts.In the psychic world, connecting on an energetic level is called empathy.  Those that do this professionally are called empaths. They are empathic. Actually, everyone is empathic, you just don’t know it. Most people don’t realize how sensitive they really are.There is a difference between thinking of someone naturally and picking up on them empathically. A normal thought of someone is just that, a normal thought. There may be positive or negative emotions attached to thoughts of them, but there is nothing out of the ordinary with a normal thought.An empathic connection occurs when you suddenly feel overwhelmed by a thought of someone. You can feel as if you’re in a fog. Or, you can’t stop thinking about them. Parts of your body may tingle. It’s usually in the heart and chest area.During the time you are experiencing this, you may feel feelings from extreme sadness, or guilt, to feelings of peace. You may miss them greatly. You start feeling these thoughts when you connect to their energy. If you’re feeling a great feeling of peace and joy, you know they are thinking wonderful thoughts of you. If you’re feeling great sadness, they are sad. Whatever you’re feeling, good or bad, will pass.You can reach a point where you can tell that what your feeling is your own feelings or someone else. The ones that show up out of nowhere, are typically someone else’s thoughts. The ones that come in suddenly, especially while you are focused on a task or involved deeply into something, are usually someone else’s feelings.Professional advisors have expertise is in distinguishing between which individual’s feelings are whose. Over time, with a little awareness and practice, so can you.Want to find out? Call me!