Working With The Healing Andara Crystals

Andara crystals are healing stones. They are just one type in the huge array of objects called healing stones. They have however, very unique healing properties. The healing power of stones comes from its unique compositions of monoatomic metals suspended in a silica matrix, or glass.The stones are mystically supposed to have been created interdimensionally by powerful healers and sorcerers. They resurface in 1967 and started to be used in the 1990’s by a small group of healers. Today, they are dispersed around the globe to heal us and the planet. There is much healing to do and many more crystals to be dispersed.The first way to work with an Andara is for your own healing. The crystals activate energy points within your body and being that have been dormant. They activate these centers. You become activated as you realign with your true, full, healing energetic nature. It takes about three days to complete an activation.The different Andara colors can assist in activating you for specific reasons. For example, champagne is for activating and bringing out the inner child in you. If you take life much too seriously, a nice champagne Andara crystal will change you and your life.The activations with Andara crystals occur simply by having them near you. Placing one in your home, carrying it in your purse or pocket, is enough to start your healing recalibration.When you couple intent, along with working with your Andara crystal, results are significantly accelerated. And yes, you can work with Andara crystals when you have a specific intent or want create as specific result in your life. Yes, Andara crystals and be used to manifest. They create and accelerate the process by accessing energy and information in other dimensions and focus it here to produce results. And yes, you can use the stones to attract romance.Once again, it is about your intent. When you focus your intention into a manifesting request, the Andara will go to work bringing it to you. And, if the path must be cleared for the result to manifest, the Andara will do that work first to clear the path. How fast you manifest with Andara’s depends on how fast you can clear your issues that are blocking you from it.Working with Andara’s is fun. Write down what you want on a piece of paper. Place it on a window sill. Then place an Andara Crystal on top of the paper. Charge it with your energetic intent, and then let it do its work. See what shows up.