It Is About You

Remember growing up as a young child, and behaving as the center of attention?

Remember your parents chastising you for being flamboyant?

“Who do you think you are? The Universe doesn’t revolve around you!”

Your answer should have been, “Yes, it does, Mommy!”

While there would have been dire penalties using that answer as a perspicacious child, you would have also been correct. The universe does revolve around you, the idea has been hammered out of you by parents, education and society. Now, it’s time to take back you power.

As an adult, this is your new mantra, the Universe does revolve around me.

In order for your life to be everything you desire it to be you have to unconditionally love yourself. You have to accept yourself as perfect, right now, today, as you are. And, you are.  When you do that, you can also open yourself to accept all others as the magnificent being of light they are, too.

Let’s not misrepresent unconditional love. It’s not that silly acceptance of yourself no matter how badly you behave. The emotions you feel when you behave unjustly are there to adjust your life course back into that of a spiritual being of light when you get pulled into the human drama. Yet, you can love yourself for your human flaws, too.

Unconditional love is that love where you understand you deserve to be respected by yourself for being alive and in the human experience. It means you’re perfect the way you are: height, weight, color, intelligence, and looks. You’re perfect because you are a magnificent being.

Little, short, daily repetitive mantras will reinforce this fact as you move yourself through your day. “I’m perfect as I am,” is one that is very effective. On your commute to work, in the elevator, sitting at your desk, driving the kids around, or washing the dishes, by repeating this little mantra it will change your life.

Make up your own. Open an inspirational book in the morning and read a paragraph or page. Keep the words of wisdom with you for the day. Write it down and carry a notecard to read at lunch with your mantra. It doesn’t matter, they change the way you view yourself which is where all change takes place. When you’re truly in the flow of unconditional love for yourself, the material things you desire flow to you seamlessly. Why? Because, as a fabulous being of light, you deserve all that is wonderful and good.

Make the Universe revolve around you. It really does.