What It’s Like On The Sane Side

psychic walnut creek ca, psychic medium walnut creek caWhat is it like on the Sane Side of the psychic world?

Come on in, there’s plenty of room. It’s fun, it’s supportive and lively and yes, it’s called The Sane Asylum!

Welcome to my world. First, I don’t work anymore. Yes, I’ll be doing this the rest of my time on this rock, but it is not work. I have fun.  I enjoy and have a fabulous time in my little world each and every day.

On the Sane Side we experience energies, we feel them intensely. Charges of electricity, tingles, hair standing on end, are de rigeur. We know things. We’ll turn right to avoid accidents; we’ll put money in the bank before rates increase; we understand how other feel before they open their mouths and speak. We see things: orbs, mists, colored flashes of energy. We hear things like footsteps, voices and noises. Many of them we capture on recordings. We feel things: not just people’s emotions but taps and touches as well.

We take trips to spiritual destinations. We meditate and tap into spirit communication in groups. We laugh, we love and we cry but we do it together in a happy, supportive manner. Is it utopia?  No. But it works and it is fabulous fun!

People that seek me out both as clients and colleagues find that enjoyable times abound for all to be had! I am blessed in this way. I find the spiritual experiences to be delightful, energizing, addictive and fun. I impart that in all I do. You can join the fun side of the spirit world with me. There are only a few rules. I’m not big on rules and I break them regularly, but here are mine if you wish to come along. I think we should have learned these years ago but because of their simplicity and effectiveness and the fact that they are free, creates circumstances that devalue them Pish Posh!  They work and combined with insight, create a fabulous experience.

1.      Life is meant to be enjoyable and fun.

2.      Spirit has a grand sense of humor.

3.      Respect yourself.

4.      Don’t take yourself too seriously.

5.      Everything you think is real is not.

6.      Leave the cattiness at the door.

7.      Respect others.

8.      Laugh.

9.      Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. And laugh some more.


Enough said.



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