A Day In The Life Of Sane

best psychic in san franciscoI get a lot of questions all the time about what it’s like on the sane side of the spiritual world.  My life is just like yours. I went shopping in San Francisco Friday with a friend of mine. We had lunch and laughs in Japantown and a wonderful time. We planned our trip to Las Vegas at Christmas. We’re going to do a few days of the ultra-glam thing and spa ourselves silly.I took my boys yesterday for flu shots. I don’t need them as I do not get sick.  However, they are not in control of their energy yet and need one, especially being in public schools.  So in a show of bravado, I got one too. My youngest son is trypanophobic and so mommy needs to show that the tiny little needle doesn’t scare her. Oh, yes, and he’s 6’2” tall at twelve years old so you can imagine how elated I am to deal with him and his fear of shots.Yes, my life is just like yours, with a little bit of added fun: I see, feel, hear and experience “things.”Yesterday was one example. I was sitting at my desk when three light beings showed up. They were magnificent in all yellow-gold light with swirls and tendrils of whitish energy behind them.  They were next to each other: medium, large and small in height, one right behind the other, slightly over each other’s left shoulder. Interestingly, they had a small animal with them which showed up as a yellow light being near their feet.“Isn’t this interesting?” I thought.“Heeeeelloooooo!” I said.The first one pointed out my window towards Mt. Diablo.  For the handful of days before they showed I kept thinking about heading up to Mt. Diablo for a meditation session. Until just a few days ago, I had an exploratory trip planned to Mt. Shasta and my five other travelers vaporized by departure day. Since Shasta is safer with at least one companion, I did not make the trip alone. I noticed energetically how much I need a quiet charge and so have been mulling over heading up Mt. Diablo for a day. I’m aware it’s an important Native American site but that’s all.In reality, it’s my guides that have been telling me to do something this week and they are the ones telling me to go.  I’m not sure I think anything up anymore. My guides simply talk and I listen. In thinking about it, the Light Trio shows up along with their puppy, to make sure I get the message that someone is waiting to offer me growth.  These are my spiritual opportunities. They always precede something that manifests tangibly here.  High energy shots precede energy slowing down to this plane. Its my pattern. I recognize it when I’m in it.The Light Trio was here for only a few moments but I can still remember the brilliant light around them. It shimmered. It moved. It pulsed. It was like looking at the sun. It was brighter than the sun. And while they didn’t speak, there is something waiting for me on Mt. Diablo.I’m heading up Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day. Without words they let me know they would be there.  I find these things calming yet fun, spiced with a little excitement. That’s the added little sprinkles on the icing so to speak, that permeates my life.Sometimes I get instructions. Well, frankly, I get messages and instructions all the time. I’m just listening and paying attention to them now. I had to learn the hard way. You don’t have to learn the way I did.