5 Ways to Balance Career & Love

psychic walnut creek caHave you found your balance point yet between your career and love life?  Do you think you’ll ever find it? Do you believe it’s a decision of one or the other? It does not have to be an “either or” proposition. With an awareness of the following ways to balance love and career, you can “have it all.”1. You Can Have It AllYes, you can have it all. It’s important in balancing everything by understanding you don’t have to choose. You just can’t do it all at once. Balance comes from learning to cut, trim, and when necessary, delegate. It is too overwhelming and exhausting if you don’t. Life is dynamic like a wave. You move up and down with the waves and change at any time your focus on love and family or career. Follow what your instincts, intuition, and heart say at any time is the most important thing at that time.2. Lower You’re StressResearch shows when women do nurturing activities, they lower their stress level, but only when they’re not rushed. When women do nurturing activities, it releases a hormone called oxytocin, which lowers stress. It doesn’t lower stress in men. That’s why we want to create a more nurturing environment in the workplace too, because it lowers women’s stress.3. Ask For HelpMany women resist asking for help. When done with their partner, if often comes in a way that does not motivate them to help. “Why should I have to ask” is often repeated. That’s the first mistake you make. That’s a source of resentment which is your responsibility to overcome, by realizing that you’re asking someone to do something they most likely have never done. If you’re want to motivate anyone to make any change, you have to approach him from the point of view that they are not wrong.4. Feel AppreciatedMen feel appreciated when you acknowledge the result of what they’ve done. Women feel appreciated when you acknowledge the result of what they’ve done plus have an understanding of the journey that they went through to achieve that goal. Practically speaking, in the workplace or at home, that means for partners to shift their approach to ask more questions about the journey rather than just acknowledging the outcome.5. Develop the Art of ListeningAfter you ask a question, stay focused at least 60 seconds for an answer. Stay quiet. Stay still and listen. Women often feel that men are not listening, and it’s a ruse, because men think they do. But men have to realize that there’s so much more women have to say if you ask more questions. Women wait for men to ask. Often men hear only the first thing out of her mouth, and he thinks he got her point because often men will make their point first, while women build up to a point. Often they have another point and another to conclude. Men don’t realize there’s a lot more in there, so they tend to interrupt women a lot.With a few small areas to focus on, you can feel more balance in your life which means that neither career nor love life need to be ignored.