Attracting Your True Love

best psychic in san franciscoHow to Rely on Your Intuition

Intuition is one of our greatest spiritual gifts, yet we don’t always listen to it nor do we act on what it tells us. But when it comes to true love, tuning into your intuition is a must! Attraction to and compatibility with a mate are instinctual, so don’t ignore you inner guidance! With a little work, you can learn to trust yourself more. Read on for a few ways to spot your true love using your powerful instincts and intuition.BreatheIf you are distracted, stressed out and wound up, you are not in a mental or spiritual space to listen to your inner guide. Make an effort to relax, breathe deeply and meditate throughout your day, no matter how short the interval. You can take a stroll during your lunch break or take a yoga or meditation class after work. Use the time to relax and focus on yourself. Let go of the negativity and stress and welcome the peace and quiet. The point is to get you more in tune with your spiritual core so that when you do run across your true mate, you will be able to recognize them!VisualizeAs part of your meditation, visualize what you want in your true partner. Write your requirements down and be sure to include a list of things you don’t want in a partner. Be sure to be honest with yourself. For example, don’t say you want to be with someone who has never been married and has no kids, but then take up with a divorced parent of four. And don’t say you want to be with someone who is a successful businessperson, but then take up with a struggling artist. If you’re already familiar with what or who your internal guide is telling you it wants, you will be more likely to notice them when you meet.Body AwarenessBe aware of your body’s responses. Your physical reactions to people represent your intuitive feelings about them. If touching them and hearing the sound of their voice gets your body humming, this is dramatic evidence that you and this person are very compatible. If you feel nothing when they touch, kiss or make love to you, it’s a good bet that they aren’t your true love. Think about someone you’ve dated in the past. Did they ever get your body humming?Pay Attention to CoincidencesEverything and everyone is an energy source, and if you find yourself constantly being pulled towards one another, there is a good reason for that! Like energies attract one another, so trust that your inner guide is intuitively drawing you to places and events for a purpose—to meet the person closest to your frequency. Have faith and trust that your intuition is wisely leading you towards who you are truly meant to be with. Even if has been pulling you out of your comfort zone, trust that it is with good reason.