The New Sane

This is what happened to me.It all flooded in overnight.I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and thought I landed in the wrong hotel room. It was filled with people I did not know. They were milling around, looking at me in bed and talking to me. They were also walking in and out of walls while brilliant colored lights swirled around the ceiling. “Wow!  I really partied hard last night,” I thought.~ Joyce M. Jackson

 It was frightening. I bay are psychic, psychic walnut creek, psychic medium walnut creekwas freaked. I was 55 years old. It all began on a dark and stormy night. Well, the only thing not true is the “stormy” piece. The rest is true and it happened in Atlanta, GA.  I went to a professional conference. I worked as a business consultant to top professionals and business owners. I was a trained architect and engineer and had recently sold my half of a 21 person firm to my business partner. I spent a long time in the professional arena.It’s not like I began to simply notice things out of the corner of my eye. There were no fleeting images or reflections in my peripheral vision. It was as if I had been studying and developing these abilities my whole life. They flooded in at a very developed level.  I could see, know, feel, smell, touch and interact with it all in almost an infinite myriad of ways. It and they went with me where ever I went. It was like having an entourage.I kept it quiet. I worried between thinking I was going insane, much like my mother, or part of a secret government LSD experiment. After all, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area! “Resistance” became my middle name and I viewed this as a curse. My life as I knew it turned upside down, exploded, and vaporized into thin air.I turned to the metaphysical community for answers. There were some helpful individuals as long I took their courses and paid their fees. The majority I connected with, however, claimed none of it could possibly be happening to me. It was “impossible” was repeated again and again.There were some, limited in their abilities, that did sincerely try to help.  One in particular, did suggest I begin giving readings to family or friends. With this action, she reasoned, it would ground me with knowing what I was experiencing was valid. I could use the readings as confirmations that the information I was picking up was in fact, real.While it flooded in like a spiritual tsunami, the skills and abilities increased over time as well. While I did supplement them with specific training and knowledge, they increased and are still increasing on their own.  I recently experienced another significant shift and it turned out to be as tumultuous as the first one.  While it was not frightening, it did resurface the panic and fear I felt not so long ago.I learned that what I perceived as this insanity that happened to me was actually, the new definition of “sane.” Waking up spiritually to who we really are as light beings is for everyone: architects, engineers, cpa’s, doctors, attorneys and other professionals.  It’s the new reality. It’s the new sane. And while the way it happened to me is rare, I am here to guide those who wish to embrace their sanity in a calm, professional manner……even in a sea of crazy psychics and psychic “stuff.” I’m quite sane and so, are you.