Feeling Stuck?

Feeling stuck?Feeling like everything is too much right now?Do you fantasize about leaving in the stealth of the night for that hidden island?We all get stuck at times. We all can feel heavy and going nowhere. When you feel mired in mud it can seem like one thing after another goes awry.  And, frankly, it does!  It also can feel like the only way out is to do something drastic to shake things up. Usually, a good crazy shake up results in more chaos and debris you don’t want.When things become too much, it does not matter what got you there. What matters is how you get out of it. And, it is not just putting you head down and fighting your way back to sanity. That is exhausting. And, it does not work. It’s actually quite a counter intuitive move in getting yourself unstuck when you feel mired in the mundane and insane.  Yes, it is quick, easy and simple to get out of the mud. Use these three steps to immediately feel relief and change your situation to wash the waist-deep mud away quickly.1. Relax.Stop fighting the heaviness. Stop searching for a way out. Stop looking to batter the door to the outside down. Relax, take a deep breath. Acknowledge you are in a bad place.2. Accept it.Pick one thing out of the myriad of things going wrong. Then accept the fact that it’s not feeling great right now, just in this moment. When you accept that you are feeling a certain way and allow it to be “ok” you will actually change the energy around it for the better.  Fill in the blank in this phrase for yourself: “I accept that I am experiencing ____________________________________ with this situation right now and that is OK.Put in the emotion you are feeling such as frustration, anger, resentment, fear or whatever you are going through. Fill in your particular situation.  As soon as you do and say this phrase out loud, you release the pent up energy and make your situation valid. Most importantly, it releases it from within you and brings relief.3. Be open to the possibilities.Once you validate your experience, then ask yourself, “Are you willing to consider the possibility that __________________________________________ could happen?If you are at least open to the possibility that the opposite outcome could happen, your thoughts, energy and outlook changes immediately. If you can’t be open to the possibilities then go back to the first question and work your way through the emotions until you can be. Stay in the process, it works.Life has its cycles and one of them is feeling like things are not just standing still, but stuck.  Getting through these times you feel mired in the mud can be easier with a little personal Q&A.