Embracing Fear As Your Best Friend

There are really only two emotions: love and fear.  Love is at a very high energetic frequency or vibration. Fear is at a very low frequency or vibration.  A higher vibrational energy always changes or transmutes the lower vibrational energy. Love dissolves fear.Let’s get scientific.  The transfer of energy, which typically comes from the sun, is graphically shown to move from one organism to another via the food chain. Energy flows from lower to higher trophic levels.  These levels we all learned in school occupied by producers at the bottom and in turn by primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers as the chain rises. Energy increases to higher levels of vibration. Chemical reactions, such as a glass of hot water set next to a glass of cold water,  cycle from higher to lower trophic levels.  The cold water will absorb the heat from the hot water.You are energy. You can transmute your energy and change your fears.  You do it with the higher vibration of love.How? It is actually very simple to do and unlike anything you have learned so far in your life. In our society we are taught to run from the negative aspects of our lives. This is different from dealing with them. Running, keeping a stiff upper lip and soldering on are denial mechanisms, not healing ones. So, let’s deal with and dissolve your fears with these steps:1. Pick one.Yes, we all have multiple issues. While you’d love to wave a magic wand and get rid of them all at once, for now just pick one.2. Embrace it.Grab this emotion and hug it. Sounds silly, but I pretend my specific fear is a long lost friend who shows up at my front door. I invite them in! “So glad you’re here! Oh my gosh I’ve missed you. I’m so happy you’re here!” Yes, I invite it in!  And, I proceed to experience it and love it greatly. I actually transfer loads of love to it at my long lost friend.While it sounds silly, what you are doing is changing the energy around your fear with the higher energy of love. Within a very short period of time you actually neutralize energetic effect of the fear and it dissolves away.  Even with the deepest fears, this technique can work within a week or more.3. Stop wearing your old sweaters.As a pure spirit and being of energy, you come to this plane perfect. Then you begin to put on all types of limitations like sweaters. These different sweaters are fears. Stop wearing them. Your natural state is one of happiness and joy not lack, limitation and fear. If you understand this then you can take responsibility for your fears and for releasing and dissolving them.