There Is No Magic

There is no magic.There are no spells.There are, however, miracles, and you make them happen.Your life is all about the choices you make for yourself. Those choices are conscious and unconscious. But, you make them. If you are unhappy, if something is not working in your life, you are choosing that. No one else, just you, are choosing that outcome.If it feels negative, heavy, unhappy, unfulfilling and unsatisfying, ask yourself why. “Why am I doing this to myself?” is the correct question to ask?If situations in your life are not changing, ask yourself why. If the same results are repeating, ask yourself why. If things are not improving, ask yourself, why.The common denominator in all this is you.So, change you. Change one small thought. Change one small thing. Begin to change, you.Sophocles wrote, “Heaven never helps the man who will not act.” There is no magic in changing you life. There is no lottery win. There is no, “when are things going to improve?”Things will improve when you improve them. This simple, easy tenet is so lost and misunderstood today. When you understand you improve and change your life instantly, you then harness the magic of the universe. “I intend to change this,” is the most powerful statement you can make.When you intend to change, you muster the forces of the Universe behind you. In using those forces, you begin to see miracles. You begin to work in the arena of magic, creation, manifestation, and results. But you, have to make it happen.If your motivations are subconscious, then begin to learn some new habits to change those , too. Books, tapes, hypnosis, counseling or therapy will help. But you must take the action to change your subconscious thoughts and motivations.How do you know if you are stuck? Use the rule of three for yourself: if you complain about something three times or more, you are stuck. You are not changing a situation, you are waiting for magic. It won’t happen. But you can create a miracle for yourself. Do your work, find a mentor. Find some help. Change. Make your miracles happen.