Breaking Through Your Breakthroughs

You just had a major spiritual breakthrough. Things have become clear. You may have been on a special journey, seminar or day event. You saw things. You felt things. You experienced things.Now, back home and at work, you are upset, angry and resentful. You hate your life. You are tired and sad. Crying seems uncontrollable.It’s okay.You’re fine.It’s a cleansing and purging process. You just don’t know it. And, your ego-self, which is what is really being purged, does not like it. You are changing at a rapid rate and releasing your fears, which are the mechanisms your ego uses to control you. The ego hates change.The changes you are going through bring up a lot of questions for you, or a lot of uncomfortable feelings.Remember:  all questions are from the ego. Only the ego wants to know.Your spirit your real self, a radiant being of light. Your spirit has no questions and lives in joy and gratitude, right now, and is just waiting for you to recognize it.When you make a decision to undergo a transformation, the part of you that is determined to stay small, limited, and in conflict, your ego, will do everything in its power to guarantee that you don’t take this journey.The ego’s range is suspiciousness to viciousness. That is its range. So, do not be surprised if you start feeling terrible in the beginning. A battle is raging. It’s the classic light vs. dark, good vs, evil type of battle.The ego uses a delusional attempt to outdo the breakthrough but not to undo it. Therefore, you spirit can overcome the ego.Hold off on asking questions to yourself, to others. See if you can stop asking questions for a month and just keep showing up to read inspirational materials and exchange ideas with others.  When a question comes up, you can say to yourself, “No. I’m not going there, not for this month. If the question is still there when the month is finished, I’ll ask it then.”The ego will do everything to make sure you don’t have time for spiritual work. It will create conflict in your life so that takes up your attention. It will make it so you suddenly don’t have time to read or listen to the audio for the day, it will tell you the messages and videos are way too long. The ego will do everything possible to make sure you fall behind and make excuses.If a question comes up about what to do, or about why something is happening, or if you have a need to understand, put the question on hold and keep going. You’ve had the breakthrough. Make it stick.