Dragonflies – SERIOUSLY?

Apparently, dragonflies play dead to avoid males. As we all should.

I am either blessed or cursed with my wry sense of humor, laced (peppered?) with irony.

That being said, most of you know I provide insight on relationships almost as much as I do mediumship or crime cases. The only reason this is important in this week’s blog post, is because of our friends, the fascinating dragonfly.

Researcher Rassim Khelifa at the University of Zurich witnessed the female moorland hawker dragonflies literally crash-dive to the ground while being pursued by a male, presumably right after the male dragonfly told her how exotic she looked. I have an active mind so he may have asked her if she’d ever heard of Coldplay because he totally knows a guy who used to roadie for them.

Later, Khelifa observed 27 out of 31 females plummeting and playing dead to avoid males, with 21 of these ploys successful. More importantly, who are these six creepy dragonflies who did not take playing dead as a no?

While this is not a long term strategy for a successful relationship, or even meeting someone, it can give us a lighter view on meeting someone. The word “no” comes in many forms. I am even a big advocate of subconscious messaging. Perhaps woman can wear iridescent metallic eye makeup to forewarn men.I wish I knew this years ago.The next time I am at a bar and one of the creepy ones is hitting on my, I will do my part to do a dragonfly thing.