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How Crystals Can Enhance The Power Of Reiki

Reiki has long been practiced to bring balance and healing to the body and mind. Developed as a spiritual practice in the early twentieth century by a Japanese Buddhist, Reiki’s healing tradition is designed to nurture uninterrupted energy flows to bring harmony within the body’s systems. 

While Reiki may be performed to reach different goals, the practice utilizes focused energy as its source and pursues balance through energy transferred from one person to another. 

Essential Practice Of Reiki

Even though Reiki is centered on the power of a touch, its goal is not manipulating the body through kneading or rubbing. In a Reiki session, a client may be lying or sitting down comfortably while the practitioner gently places their hands in non-intrusive positions across the body. If a particular issue is being addressed, the Reiki practitioner may focus efforts on that area, even though the basic principle of the practice is a whole-body treatment. 

Crystal Energy Used In Reiki

Sometimes, crystals are used in the practice of Reiki. Crystals have long been revered for their intense healing properties, making them natural additions to boost healing energy during Reiki sessions. Specific crystals can enhance energy flow in Reiki, but they can also help remove toxins from the body and direct negative and positive energy flow. In short, crystals may help speed up the healing process when used in the practice of Reiki. 

Working With Chakras 

Reiki can work with a body’s chakras to clear blockages and negative energy to promote balance and positive energy flow. Chakras are a series of seven energy wheels located along the center of the body, each associated with different energies and body parts. Through Reiki treatments where crystals are incorporated, the clearing of negative energy blockages in the chakras can be enhanced, restoring energy flow to normal. 

Crystals Correspond To Chakra Points

In a Reiki session, placing a different crystal or stone on each of the chakra points can strengthen and heal the entire system. Reiki practitioners may use the colors associated with each chakra point to choose a corresponding crystal or stone to enhance energy flow in that spot. For example, a green stone can be placed in the middle of the chest to balance the heart chakra, and a yellow crystal can be placed between the ribcage to remove toxins and tension from the solar plexus. When crystals are used in Reiki, a clear stone is typically placed at the crown chakra, just above the top of the head. Reiki healers implement chakra crystal rules to enhance the energy flow and allow positive energy to flood the system. 

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