How Many Mediums Does it Take to Make an Extra Large?

Answer: it’s not the number that counts, but the quality that matters.In spending this last week with top, professional psychics in my field, I have once again returned home changed, energetically attuned, and metaphysically vetted and outed.Seriously?We laughed until we cried 24/7. Again.However, observing my friends, and listening to their stories, it highlighted the quality of the people I surround myself with.We shared stories. Most importantly, we asked each other what we thought. We asked for insight, wisdom, and advice. I received more than my share, how cool is that? There was unconditional acceptance and a lack of judgment.Sitting with these women, is sitting in a flood of love and warmth similar to what I have experienced on the other side. Pretty cool having that here on this plane.Sitting in the energy of absolute acceptance, raises my vibration. Being in the presence of like-minded, skilled, compassionate people, with no judgment, lifts me to new heights. Listening deeply to their thoughts, teaches me to reach beyond what I know. And, like a string of pearls, we all rose to those heights as a group.Here’s a few highlights:

  1. In the silence of stones, I was shown the unbridled joy in one’s mission.
  2. In the shock and pain of circumstance, I was shown incomparable courage.
  3. In the wish to alleviate suffering, I was shown compassion as the language of the soul.
  4. In the embracing of a vision, I was shown the drive to make it happen against all criticism.
  5. In the fear of the unknown, I was shown the wisdom of the Universe to keep walking.

I brought home my spiritual suitcase, unpacked it, and held my precious gifts to my heart. I breathed them in. This life is too short to blow it on fear, anger, resentment and judgment. Articulating the details is not possible, with words. As any of you who have experienced a deep spiritual bond or event, words to those who weren’t there, is a moot point.My part of this week, was the sane side of the metaphysical world, the lively, fun, ironic side. Apparently, I, am the comic relief. Life is meant to be approached with love, compassion, understanding, and lightness. The heavy stuff plays on the perimeter, without much prompting. Watch it neutrally, but hold it away from you.Surround yourself with the best. They will highlight the best in you. And, just like with boats, when the tide comes in, you all will float higher.