Have You Been Triggered?

The phone rings. A friend is on the other end, angry with you. You never saw it coming. She lets you have it. She hid behind the mouthpiece on the phone to spew her venom.  Another friend texts you in the stealth of the night, with a vapid diatribe, as to why you ruined his life. You never saw this one coming either, and the cowardice of hiding behind a keyboard to lash out is lost on you. Your buttons have been pushed. You’ve been triggered.You are hurt and angry. Feeling attacked, feeling the unfairness of it, you may want to lash back. Don’t. This is about you, but not in the way you initially think. They are mirroring the issues you need to release. Actually, they are triangulating your issues. Stay calm, and stay out of responding to your triggers.The good news, is, that the people in your life that are blowing up, will continue to do so. The bad news is, the people in your life that are blowing up, will continue to do so. They are going to push your buttons and trigger you.Why?Because you are to look at those triggers, and the underlying issues that fuel them, and release them. You are to transcend the fears that create the negative responses, at this time in your life. How are you handling being attacked? Are you responding and letting them have it back? Are you joining in the gossip and judgments? Are you folding into the group or standing on your own? Are you standing neutral in the face of anger and blessing the opportunity to grow your spirit?Pressure is building so more of us turn inside and do our work on our issues. The energy around the globe is contentious and angst filled. We are energetically being shaken and not stirred. People are taking their discomfort and upset, angry emotions and bile, out on you. In that respect, it is not about you. From the spiritual perspective you are being shown the door to your release of judgment and anger. If you’ve been triggered, it may be initially challenging to stay out of the fray.So, how do you stay above the emotions, so you can do your work? If your issues are old and deep, it may take a bit of self-care and love to stay out of your trigger responses. One, go neutral. Become the observer of your circumstances and emotions. If you have to lash back at someone, go silent for 48 hours with them. Then, step back and observe yourself, as if you were a scientist.“Look at that! I’m absolutely furious with her. I want to tell her what I think of her. Isn’t that interesting?”Two, if you feel the need to vent, then vent. Write it down. Let it out. Type it with anger in every keystroke. Then burn it or delete it. Yell in your car when you’re alone with all the windows rolled up. The moment you respond directly to the person, who triggered you, you are now at that lower level of vibration, you are in anger.I got news for you: our natural state of being is that of love, warmth, peace and kindness. Anything that does not resonate with that is anger and fear. When the tsunami hits you, it may be challenging to stay in the vibration of love. But you can.Three, do something lovely for yourself. Love can transmute anger in no time. Self-love can mitigate any circumstances thrown at you.  Four, bring in the gurus. Read a book. Listen to an audio. Watch a video. There are tons of help for the deeper issues.Nonaction is the highest form of action. Because you choose not to respond in similar anger with the people that attack you does not mean you are a wimp or a dart board. On the contrary, your strength of character upsets them and drives them further away, hiding for another stealth attack on someone else. You can silently set your boundaries. Entire countries were changed by the handful of people who understood the power of love and nonaction: Mandela, Ghandi, King.Dismantling your triggers is worth the work.