How To Handle Conflict In Your Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner should be one of your top priorities. Failing to communicate with your partner can lead to a break-up. In fact, lack of communication is blamed for nearly 65% of all divorces. If you feel like there is constant conflict in your relationship, then you need to fix it. …

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Have You Been Triggered?

The phone rings. A friend is on the other end, angry with you. You never saw it coming. She lets you have it. She hid behind the mouthpiece on the phone to spew her venom.  Another friend texts you in the stealth of the night, with a vapid diatribe, as to why you ruined his …

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Conquering The Disease of Fear

Fear is a disease. Fear is as pernicious as anemia, if you let it spread through your mind.The most insidious part of fear is the fact that you don’t even recognize it. It does not have to be that sour, knotted sensation in your stomach. It does not have to be that dry catch of …

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Evolution through Releasing Judgment

The chains that bind the body, mind and soul have been used throughout history to enslave, deprive, divest, strip and impoverish your freedom. It has the same destructive impact in your life. It is the keystone of ego, self and beliefs which without it, all of these would fade away. It is one word. The …

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Why Is This So Hard?

There are many situations in life where we just want to run outside, throw our arms into the air, look up and scream, “Why is it so hard? Why does it hurt so much?”Well, it does not have to be this way, especially if you understand energy.We are all energy. And, not only are we …

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