You Can Have Two Out of Three: A New Theory of the Universe

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other night, quite an astute fellow I enjoy immensely, name Mark Naea, or, more affectionately, not Mark. With some of the time we wax philosophical, but most of the time we laugh until our sides hurt. What’s so funny? The ironies of life. The Universe. Source.

Mark shared his philosophy and rules on how the Universe works. I’m sharing with you. It’s positively brilliant. I haven’t been able to find the flaw in it as yet. There are three rules in the Universe. Here they are:

Rule 1

You can have anything you want or desire. You can intend, and ask for it to come to you. You will get it but in one of three ways. It’s like ordering in the Universe’s fast food restaurant.

Rule 2

There are three ingredients for manifestation. The ingredients are: Fast, Good, or Cheap.

Rule 3

For any request or intention to the Universe, you can only pick two out of the three.

The results are more than astonishing.

  • If you want something Fast and Good, it’s not going to be Cheap.
  • If you want something Fast and Cheap, it’s not going to be Good in quality.
  • If you wanting something Good and Cheap, it’s not going to be Fast.

Think about it.

If you want that promotion at work quickly, ask the Universe. You’d better be prepared to work hard and long hours for an extended period of time. You’ll have to choose to direct extra hours towards your job and put other things on hold. You’ll get it Fast, before most others in the office, it will be Good, as it will have the pay raise you desire. But, it will come at the expense of your free time and fun. It’s not going to be Cheap.

If you want a new sports car, but don’t want to pay the sticker price, ask the Universe, and then be prepared to wait. I have a friend who wanted a Ferrari for decades, but couldn’t afford the sticker price. When his uncle passed, much to his surprise, he inherited a classic Ferrari. It only took twenty two years. He wanted it Good and Cheap, but it didn’t come Fast.

If you meet someone new, and start a relationship as if it were a crash diet, it’s going to be Fast. Without the depth of getting to know someone deeply first, taking it slow, and building a relationship structure and foundation, it will make the interactions easy. Most of the time, it will only be physical. It’s cost is on the Cheap side in terms of the “costs” of building lasting relationships. It won’t last. It’s not Good and solid.

It’s amazing how simple the rules of engagement can be with the Powers that be. If you understand you always get what you want from the Universe, it’s how you want it receive it that matters, you can relax and let go of a lot of the anxiety you feel around the future.