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Breaking Through Your Breakthroughs

You just had a major spiritual breakthrough. Things have become clear. You may have been on a special journey, seminar or day event. You saw things. You felt things. You experienced things.Now, back home and at work, you are upset, angry and resentful. You hate your life. You are tired and sad. Crying seems uncontrollable.It’s […]

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Changing Your Life Instantly

You are a radiant being of light. More than likely, you have heard that time and time again. Chances are, you have not taken the time to understand the significance of it. Perhaps, you have ignored it, especially when life gets challenging. If you take the time to pay attention to this simple, easy, and

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Your Soul’s Purpose

What is my purpose here? How come my friends seem to know what theirs is? I feel lost! If you are feeling lost and in search of your purpose, relax. If it seems like everyone around seems to know what they want, it is not true nor is it their purpose in life they are

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The Nuts and Bolts of Using Oracle Cards

I like to use Oracle cards to teach people how to connect with their spirit guides. There is an incredible array of things you can use to begin to connect to your spirit guides. But oracle cards are one of the easiest and fun ways to do so.Connecting with them will help you through your

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Berkeley Psychic

Looking for a good Berkeley Psychic……….Find out more about readings and mediumship sessions in the Berkeley area and the east bay with Joyce Jackson, The Sane Psychic.There are nuances about Berkeley and the people that live in the area that Joyce intuitively and intellectually understands. She offers perspectives on subjects that often provide options for

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