Psychic vs. Medium?

Most people think that a psychic is also a medium or vice versa. However, these two terms are totally different from one another. If you want to get the services of a psychic or a medium, you have to know their different capabilities in order to get accurate insights into the spiritual world.

Stopping Those Pesky Expectations

Who had a houseful of holiday guests this last week? Who almost went off like a pressure cooker? Who blew an emotional fuse? Did your expectations get met, deflated or exceeded? Are you emotionally exhausted? The holidays are supposed to be a fun, joyous series of occasions. They get ruined with baseless expectations. Expectations are …

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What Exactly is a Psychic?

There’s a lot of confusion about what a psychic is and does. What’s the difference between a psychic, a medium? What are the various differences between the types of extra abilities?A psychic is someone who can pick up information from various different sources. A psychic, is like a human satellite dish. Through additional abilities other …

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Shock Somebody Today: Do the Unexpected

In this season of gratitude, it’s time to shake up the energies around you. It’s time shock a few people with the unexpected gesture of gratitude.Gratitude is easy to express when it aimed at something we cherish or appreciate. It’s easy to be grateful for a beautiful rose bloom, its challenging to be grateful for …

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