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Your Relationship Clock – What Time Is It?

I like to explain to clients, where their relationship is, using an analogy to a clock. If I can pick up the symbols Spirit is showing me, and describe them to clients, it’s much more effective than mere words. Spirit has been showing me time on the clock relative to couples and it explains things […]

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Did You Forget Compassion?

I’m never letting them do that again to me!I’m setting boundaries!I’m done with them!When people around you behave like temper tantrum throwing toddlers, you want it to stop immediately.I don’t blame you for feeling that way! It’s uncomfortable. It’s not fun. And, it’s hurtful because they make you the target of their angst. Their emotions

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Watering Tips for Your Relationship

Just like plants, relationships need gentle and consistent care: water, fertilizer, sunlight and air to the roots. Yes, your relationship needs to be nurtured so that it can grow and maintain its beauty. Never neglect it because it will wilt, die and eventually turn brown. Use these handy tips for maintaining a healthy “plant.”1. Water

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X-Ray Your Relationship

How does he feel about me?Where is this going?Is this worth it?Will he change? Is she going to get it? No. Most of the time the answer is, “No.”When things are uncertain or seem incomprehensible, it’s time to look inside yourself.  It’s time to x-ray your relationship so you can understand your part in it,

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Releasing Your Ex

“How come I keep attracting the same kind of guys?”“How come I keep getting these losers?”“Why are they all alike?”There are patterns we repeat time and time again: the type of jobs we land, the friends we have and the people we attract in relationships. We usually think something is wrong with us in that

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Is Your Relationship Like A Crash Diet?

We used to talk every day! We would text each other for hours a day! It was intense, it was silly, it was exciting!  Now, he’s gone quiet. You hear from him every week or so. He never initiates contact. And, you just want things to go back to the way they were.Take a deep

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Why Is This So Hard?

There are many situations in life where we just want to run outside, throw our arms into the air, look up and scream, “Why is it so hard? Why does it hurt so much?”Well, it does not have to be this way, especially if you understand energy.We are all energy. And, not only are we

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Is It Time for Your Marriage to Expire?

Does your marriage have an expiration date?  If not, it should!  I believe marriages should expire periodically so partners can freshly evaluate if they want to continue living a life together or not. I have many clients that call me about how they can breathe some life and vigor into a dead, expired, long past

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