Your Relationship Clock – What Time Is It?

I like to explain to clients, where their relationship is, using an analogy to a clock. If I can pick up the symbols Spirit is showing me, and describe them to clients, it’s much more effective than mere words. Spirit has been showing me time on the clock relative to couples and it explains things

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Learning to Develop Medium Skills – A Short Course Part 2

Note: this is the second of a Five Part Series, by popular request, on how to develop the abilities we all have.Learning to use your intuition is one of the keys to rediscovering your abilities to communicate with spirits. Your intuition, inner voice, is your psychic awareness. You have this power, but for many people,

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What Do You Think It Is

This happened Friday.A strange streak of light that flashed across the morning skies of the West coast of the United States on Friday leaves laymen and scientists baffled.The mysterious light was observed by many people in the San Francisco Bay Area at around 6 in the morning. The same bright light was also seen in

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How Many Mediums Does it Take to Make an Extra Large?

Answer: it’s not the number that counts, but the quality that matters.In spending this last week with top, professional psychics in my field, I have once again returned home changed, energetically attuned, and metaphysically vetted and outed.Seriously?We laughed until we cried 24/7. Again.However, observing my friends, and listening to their stories, it highlighted the quality

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Did You Forget Compassion?

I’m never letting them do that again to me!I’m setting boundaries!I’m done with them!When people around you behave like temper tantrum throwing toddlers, you want it to stop immediately.I don’t blame you for feeling that way! It’s uncomfortable. It’s not fun. And, it’s hurtful because they make you the target of their angst. Their emotions

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Stuck in Karma: Note to Self

It’s the proverbial hamster wheel spinning round and round. You hurt me! You made me mad! You said blah blah blah! I demand an apology! It is all so unnecessary, yet we keep repeating the same old things to stay stuck in our fears, caught in our false web, of life.Okay. I apologize. Would you

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Breaking Through Your Breakthroughs

You just had a major spiritual breakthrough. Things have become clear. You may have been on a special journey, seminar or day event. You saw things. You felt things. You experienced things.Now, back home and at work, you are upset, angry and resentful. You hate your life. You are tired and sad. Crying seems uncontrollable.It’s

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