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Learning to Develop Medium Skills – A Short Course Part 1

Note: this is the first of a Five Part Series, by popular request, on how to develop the abilities we all have.All of us have the ability to communicate with spirit. You just have to learn how. Actually, there is nothing to learn, you simply reawaken what you already have inside you.Step one, awaken or […]

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What Do You Think It Is

This happened Friday.A strange streak of light that flashed across the morning skies of the West coast of the United States on Friday leaves laymen and scientists baffled.The mysterious light was observed by many people in the San Francisco Bay Area at around 6 in the morning. The same bright light was also seen in

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How Many Mediums Does it Take to Make an Extra Large?

Answer: it’s not the number that counts, but the quality that matters.In spending this last week with top, professional psychics in my field, I have once again returned home changed, energetically attuned, and metaphysically vetted and outed.Seriously?We laughed until we cried 24/7. Again.However, observing my friends, and listening to their stories, it highlighted the quality

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Have You Been Triggered?

The phone rings. A friend is on the other end, angry with you. You never saw it coming. She lets you have it. She hid behind the mouthpiece on the phone to spew her venom.  Another friend texts you in the stealth of the night, with a vapid diatribe, as to why you ruined his

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Conquering The Disease of Fear

Fear is a disease. Fear is as pernicious as anemia, if you let it spread through your mind.The most insidious part of fear is the fact that you don’t even recognize it. It does not have to be that sour, knotted sensation in your stomach. It does not have to be that dry catch of

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Evolution through Releasing Judgment

The chains that bind the body, mind and soul have been used throughout history to enslave, deprive, divest, strip and impoverish your freedom. It has the same destructive impact in your life. It is the keystone of ego, self and beliefs which without it, all of these would fade away. It is one word. The

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Your Soul’s Purpose

What is my purpose here? How come my friends seem to know what theirs is? I feel lost! If you are feeling lost and in search of your purpose, relax. If it seems like everyone around seems to know what they want, it is not true nor is it their purpose in life they are

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Developing Your Mediumship Skills

Everyone can develop their sensitive side. Everyone can tune into the spirit world, you just have to learn how. And, just like going to the gym, you get better at it the more you do it and practice it.People who connect regularly with the spirit world are called mediums. Mediums were named as such because

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Embracing Fear As Your Best Friend

There are really only two emotions: love and fear.  Love is at a very high energetic frequency or vibration. Fear is at a very low frequency or vibration.  A higher vibrational energy always changes or transmutes the lower vibrational energy. Love dissolves fear.Let’s get scientific.  The transfer of energy, which typically comes from the sun,

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